Network Database

The Network Database consists of scholars, institutions, and activists working in areas of transitional justice in the Midwestern* U.S.  The goal of the Network is to centralize regional expertise on transitional justice and build communications with regular updates on regional events and publications. Our goal is to host in August 2022 a regional conference on transitional justice at UIUC to build future collaborations and initiatives. Through the Network, we aim to instantiate academic-community partnerships.
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1. Map

This stage will build a database of regional faculty expertise, centers, and institutes. This group includes human rights centers and programs, as well as the international area and global studies centers.

2. Engage

Our main goal is to form a collaborative network to connect participants. This website and our email newsletters will serve as a hub of the network and will become a means of sharing information on local, national, and global approaches to transitional justice as well as regional work on these questions.

3. Activate

A regional workshop in August 2022 at the University of Illinois will connect the participants in the regional network. The workshop will focus on efforts to increase the visibility of transitional justice tools; expand outreach to community organizations, local and state governments; and strategies for building and sustaining the network that will include multi-institutional grant proposals.


*Our definition of "Midwest" is rather flexible, so feel free to join even if you think you may be uncertain. Generally, we consider Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin to be within the Midwest. One could also argue parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky are part of the Midwest too.