The communication coordinator manages the marketing and communication efforts for the Illinois Global Institute (IGI). The office is also responsible for writing and editing copy for publications, managing the department's website and social media, and creating various print and digital mass communications. 

Contact for help with the following:

  • Promoting your lecture series, department initiative, or on-campus event
  • Dispersing information through various IGI channels, including newsletters and social media
  • Assisting with promoting forthcoming peer-reviewed publications

Ways We Can Help

The communications coordinator is available to consult on or assist with external communication or marketing needs within the centers and programs. The following table details services that we can provide and how to request them.

I would like to: Start here:

Submit a news item about my research, recent publication, grant award, scholarship, or other academic/professional accomplishment

Send an email to

The communications office will follow-up for more details if needed. 

Request that the communication coordinator draft a press release about the results of my research

The communications office will follow-up for details.

Produce a print communication or publication

For small publications, such as a poster, flyer, brochure, the communications office requires a lead time of 3­–4 weeks to plan production. For larger publications like program booklets and newsletters, required lead times can range from 3–6 months. Let us know as soon as you are aware of your need for a new or updated print publication.

The communications office will coordinate with you and the LAS Office of Communications and Marketing to determine necessary procedures and schedule.

 Quick Links

 News & media requests

The communications office is always looking for interesting stories about our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. If you have a lead for a story, please send an email to for review. Your story may end up in the next issue of the IGI e-newsletter that is widely distributed.

The Illinois Global Institute Communications Office is also happy to assist with requests for information about the department and its activities. If you are a member of the media, please contact


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