Midwest Transitional Justice Network

MTJN in Illinois blue, two blue lines, with Midwest Transitional Justice Network below and the Illinois logo beneath it all.
The Midwest Transitional Justice Network consists of institutions, faculty, organizations, and activists engaged in transitional justice work. Our aim is to map, engage, and activate people and institutions who are committed to advancing dialogue on the use of transitional justice tools in our region and within the United States. 

Combatting racism and social injustice requires that the U.S. pursue transitional justice, which is the process of facing systemic wrongdoing, past and present, in order to transform the relationships among citizens and between citizens and the state. Over 40 countries have pursued transitional justice to address histories of violence, state impunity, authoritarianism and racism. Transitional justice processes seek truth, justice, reparations, reform, guarantees of non-recurrence, and memorialization. Our project will explore potential comparative insights of international experiences with transitional justice processes as a foundation for a framework to redress the U.S. history of racial and gender-based injustice and will build a Midwest transitional justice network . This multidisciplinary project responds to the theme of systemic racism and social justice within the societal impact track of the Chancellor's Call to Action to Address Racism & Social Injustice Research Program.