Teachers Ranked as Excellent

Teachers Ranked as Excellent, fall 2022 and winter 2022-23
Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

Kathryn H Anthony (Architecture)

Annie Ruth Abbott (Dept of Spanish and Portuguese)

Valeria Bonatti (LAS Global Studies)

Merle L Bowen (African American Studies)

Donna A Buchanan (Music)

Julie Cidell (GGIS)

Kate Clancy (Anthropology)

Caitlin Leeann Clarke (Kinesiology)

Sara Bartumeus Ferre (Architecture)

Charles Joseph Fogelman (LAS Global Studies)

Rachel Cheree Garthe (Social Work)

Jessica R Greenberg (Anthropology)

Heidi M Hurd (Law)

Sarah Ann Janzen (Agriculture and Consumer Economics)

McKenzie Frances Johnson (Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences)

Amit Kramer (Labor and Employment Relations)

Karen Kramer (Human Development and Family Studies)

Denise Lewin Loyd (Business Administration)

Samantha Anne Lindgren (Education Policy, Organization and Leadership)

Gayle Sherwood Magee (Music)

Eunmi Mun (Labor and Environment Relations)

Brian Gabriel Ogolsky (Human Development and Family Studies)

Felisa Vergara Reynolds (French and Italian)

Michael B Silvers (Music)

Helga Varden (Philosophy)

Timothy Wedig (LAS Global Studies)

Lesley M Wexler (Law)

Angela S. Williams (Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)

TingTing Zhang (Labor and Employment Relations)