IGI Area and Global Studies Centers Course Offerings

Below, please find the upcoming course offerings for IGI area and global studies centers.

Spring 2023

Center for African Studies

ACE 435: Agribusiness Management International

ACE 436: Business Immersion

AFRO 340: Dancing Black Popular Culture

AFRO 380: Black Women History and Cultures

AFST 412: Language in African Culture and Society

AFST 490: Independent Study

AFST 550: Special Topics

AFST 599: Thesis Research

ANTH 403: Women in Muslim Societies

ANTH 420: Case Studies Global Heritage

ARTH 447: France and Its Others

ARTH 510: Seminar in African Art

BADM 338: Global Supply Chain Management

BADM 380: International Business

BADM 381: Multinational Management

BADM 382: International Marketing

CHLH 409: Women's Health

CHLH 415: International Health

CHLH 421: Health Data Analysis

CWL 317: Francophone Worlds

CWL 502: Methods of Comparative Literature

DANC 405: Social Impact through Motion/Media Arts + Tech

ECON 450: Development Economies

ECON 514: International Financial

EIL 411: Intro to TSL Methodology

EIL 460: Principles of Language Testing

ENGL 301: Introduction to Critical Theory

ENGL 357: Literatures of the Displaced

ENGL 360: Environmental Writing

ENGL 476: Topics in Literature and the Environment

EPOL 523: Global Issues in Learning

EPOL 524: Education and Human Rights

EPOL 525: Global Youth and Citizenship

EPOL 526: Education and Power in MIddle East

EPOL 528: Researching Global Education

ESE 320: Water Planet, Water Crisis

GGIS 455: Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

GLBL 340: Global Health: Policy & Governance

GLBL 357: Ethnic Conflict

GLBL 392: International Diplomacy and Negotiation

GLBL 450: Poverty Interventions and Evaluation

GLBL 495: Reserach Methods I

GLBL 501: Perspectives on Global Studies

GWS 316: Global Histories of Gender

GWS 350: Feminist Gender Theory

GWS 464: Theories and Theologies of Liberation

GWS 512: Gender Relations & International Development

HDFS 379: HDFS Study Abroad Experience

HDFS 424: Racial and Ethnic Minorities

HDFS 499: Seminar

HIST 502: Problems in Comparative History

IS 451: Bibliography of Africa

JOUR 452: Great Books of Journalism

JOUR 453: Crisis Communications

JOUR 454: Propaganda & the News Media

JOUR 482: Immersion Journalism

JOUR 483: Investigative Journalism

LAW 653: International Business Trans

LAW 657: International Human Rights

LER 595: Managing Diversity Globally

LING 404: Tutorials in Non-Western Languages

MACS 373: Special Topics in Film Studies

PS 355: Democratization

PS 358: Comparative Political Behavior

PS 392: International Organizations and Regionalism

PS 398: Strategic International Relations

PS 582: International Political Economy

SOC 325: Black Men and Masculinity

SOC 350: Technology and Society

SOC 355: Race and Mixed Race

SOC 364: Impacts of Globalization

SOC 470: Social Movements

Center for Global Studies

GLBL 501: Perspectives on Global Studies


Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Anth 399: Collaborative Methodologies

ATMS 406: Tropical Meterorology

EPOL 420: Global Migration & Education

HIST 312: Immigrant America

HIST 405: Intro to Tropical Forest Ecology

KIN 494: Physical Activity & Diverse Populations

LAST 395: Archaeology Field School

LAW 657: International Human Rights Law

PS 355: Democratization

SPAN 308: Spanish in the US

SPAN 326: Sexo y Podor

SPAN 395: Health Professions and US Latinx Communities

SPAN 528: Media Representations of the Spanish Empire

SPAN 557: Linguistic Communities and Social Justice

European Union Center

EURO 418: Language and Minorities in Europe

EURO 500: Dialogue on Europe

EURO 502: The EU in a Global Context

ITAL 406 Italian Culture and Globalization

JS 212: Israeli Cinema and Television

PS 392: International Organizations and Regionalism


Russia, East Europe, and Eurasian Center

Select Courses in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Note: The courses listed below are not an exhaustive list of courses being offered on the REEE region. Please see course explorer for additional classes.

*Check with Advisor or FLAS Coordinator whether the course will fulfill area studies course requirements

Area Studies

EURO 418/ FR 418/GER 418/ITAL 418/LING 418/PS 418/SLAV 418: Language & Minorities in Europe

HIST 502: Citizenship: Historical, Cross-Cultural, and Interdisciplinary Perspectives*

IS 461: Russian, East European, and Eurasian Bibliography & Research Methods

LAW 656: International Law

MUS 418/518: Balkan Beats: Balkan Popular Music, 1970’s - Present

MUS 449A: Balkanalia

If you are interested in joining, or have questions about participating, please contact Dr. Donna Buchanan at

RUSS 460: Russian Culture Studies

RUSS 511: Russian Literature 1800-1855

SLAV 417: 11th-17thC Russ Lit & Lang

SOC 366: Postsocialism Eastern Europe

TRST 502/CWL 512/EALC 512/GER 512/SLAV 502: Applied Literary Translation*

Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

WGGP 581: Gender Relations in International Development